Autism Awareness & Acceptance for First Responders-Baldwin County

Dates: May 15, 2024

Meets: W from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Location: Baldwin County APOST LETA
15950 Mosley Road
Stapleton, Alabama 36578

APOST Hours: 6.00

Cost: $0.00

Autism Awareness & Acceptance for First Responders

9:00 AM-4:00 PM 6 APOST Hours
TARGET AUDIENCE: Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMS, and Dispatchers

First responders have a high chance of encountering an Autistic individual during their normal duties. This course will give first responders from all disciplines the knowledge and skills they need in order to safely handle a scene or incident where an Autistic individual is involved. Topics covered during the training include: What is Autism, How the brain works in Autism vs other mental health disorders, the history of Autism, current statistics, the different types of Autism, the Signs/Symptoms for Autism, Challenges that first responders face dealing with Autistic persons, Communicating with Autistic persons, types of identification items, the different types of Autism symbols and their meanings, legal issues, and much more.

Although there is a lot of information given in this course, it's given in a simple, well broken down method instead of a lot of big fancy words that makes it easy for anyone attending the training to understand. And, it's taught by someone who actually deals with Autism on a daily basis.
Also, this course offers information and experience that other courses don't. Besides all of the regular information, participants will have a discussion and demonstration in proper restraint procedures for those who might have to physically restrain an Autistic person. You'll also get to have the opportunity to have a live in-person interaction with Autistic individuals so that you can witness and experience firsthand what you are learning. And participants will also get a firsthand point of view description of what it's like for someone who is living with Autism. The best part is a lot of the training is not only applicable and helpful for dealing with Autism, but can be valuable when dealing with several other types of mental health disorders as well.

Instructor: David Hicks:
David retired in February of 2021 from Clanton Police Department with over 27 years in law enforcement. During his law enforcement career, he worked as a Deputy Sheriff/Corrections Officer with the Chilton County Sheriff's Department, a State Trooper with the Alabama Department of Public Safety, and as an officer with the Clanton Police Department where he served as a dual-purpose canine handler, school resource officer, accident reconstructionist, and training officer. He began working in emergency services in 1989 and has been active, both as a responder and as an instructor, in firefighting, EMS, hazmat, law enforcement, emergency management, hospital staff, private security, and disaster response operations. Since September 2021, David has served as a Tribal Police Officer with the Poarch Band of Creek Indians Police Department.

Sponsors: This seminar is sponsored by AUM's Alabama Crime Prevention Clearinghouse & Training Institute, the Institute for Criminal Justice Education, Inc., U.S. Attorney's Office, MDA, and ADECA Law Enforcement Planning/Traffic Safety Division. This training is partially funded by an ADECA Law Enforcement Planning subgrant #24-DJ-02-97 awarded to AUM and its Alabama Crime Prevention Clearinghouse.


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Baldwin County APOST LETA

15950 Mosley Road
Stapleton, Alabama 36578


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