2020 Drug Trends in Alabama - Baldwin County (Morning Session)

Dates: October 23, 2020

Meets: F from 8:00 AM to 12 N

Location: Baldwin County APOST LETA

APOST Hours: 4.00

Cost: $0.00


CLASS OBJECTIVE: Provide Law Enforcement with information necessary to identify the latest drug trends that they are encountering with a focus on Opioid, synthetic and the "new'' Marihuana. Provide a history of the development of the drugs, an idea of the chemical process of creating the drugs, side effects of use of the drugs and safe handling of the drugs by First Responders.

In addition to Fentanyl, Heroin and other forms of Opioids will be discussed. Included will the latest updates on Synthetic drugs, including "Spice", Carfentanil, Flakka, Gray Death, U-47700, N Bombe and China White. The latest information on Marijuana use including the rapid rise in States that have legalized Marihuana both Medically and Recreationally will be discussed. The newest forms of Marihuana use, which include vaping, dabbing, CBD and edibles will be covered.

Instructor: G. Michael Reese, Alabama ABC Board

Mike Reese retired in 2011 as a Lieutenant with the Alabama ABC Board, and is now working as a part time State of Alabama employee for the ABC Board. He has been employed with the ABC Board since 1987 and prior to that, had 5 years law enforcement experience with the Anniston Police Department. Mike began his career with ABC as an Undercover Narcotics Agent, working in this capacity for 9 years, during which time he participated in over one thousand seven hundred undercover cases all over the State of Alabama. He is a certified Instructor with the Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission (APOSTC). He has had extensive training and field experience in Narcotics law enforcement has recently focused on the newest threat to the youth of our country, synthetic and opioid based drugs. He has been conducting classes on Drug Trends in Alabama since 2011 and these programs have been conducted at APOSTC Police Academies, Police Departments, Law Enforcement Seminars and Conferences.

This seminar is sponsored by AUM's Alabama Crime Prevention Clearinghouse & Training Institute, Alabama ABC Board, Alabama Peace Officers Association, U.S. Attorney's Office, MDA, and ADECA Law Enforcement Planning/Traffic Safety Division. This training is partially funded by an ADECA Law Enforcement Planning subgrant #19-DJ-ST-002 awarded to AUM and its Alabama Crime Prevention Clearinghouse.


2020 No Show/Cancellation Policy for Law Enforcement Classes Due to a cut in grant funding for this coming year and in order to serve the most officers, we are implementing a new NO Show policy. We understand that in the law enforcement profession there are times that you cannot attend a class, but you can notify us by responding to the reminder emails that are sent out approximately one week prior to the class. We will begin tracking all no shows (people who do not attend class and don't notify us prior to the start of class). We are hoping this policy will cut down on people registering for numerous classes and not showing up for the those classes, which causes a 10-30% no show rate.
Fee: $0.00

Baldwin County APOST LETA

15950 Mosley Road
Stapleton, Alabama 36578


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