*OLLI Membership Dues 2020-2021

Dates: September 1, 2020 - August 24, 2021

Meets: see schedule

Annual Membership: $40.00


The administration of Auburn University at Montgomery, in conjunction with the staff of AUM OLLI, has decided that only online classes for Fall 2020 will be the best policy for maintaining the health and safety of OLLI members. Thanks to the creativity and flexibility of our dedicated instructors, AUM OLLI will offer opportunities for the members to continue learning new things and challenging themselves.

AUM OLLI will offer a rich variety of courses in the fall, all via ZOOM.


$40 - Annual Membership Dues (Required)
Grants members access to the bonus opportunities and classes, as well as the "OLLI Shares" lunch presentations.

*$50 - Fall term only
Grants members access to take the 8 week classes, as well as the Collaborative "OLLI Shares" classes.
*Since we made the decision to have our program be completely online, we are calling this rate the "covid special". We are only doing registration for one term at a time until the covid situation changes.

Please let us know if you have any questions:
Contact 334-244-3804 or email ceinfo@outreach.aum.edu
Fee: $40.00
Date Day Time Location
09/01/2020Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
09/08/2020Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
09/15/2020Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
09/22/2020Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
09/29/2020Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
10/06/2020Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
10/13/2020Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
10/20/2020Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
10/27/2020Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
11/03/2020Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
11/10/2020Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
11/17/2020Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
11/24/2020Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
12/01/2020Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
12/08/2020Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
12/15/2020Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
12/22/2020Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
12/29/2020Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
01/05/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
01/12/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
01/19/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
01/26/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
02/02/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
02/09/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
02/16/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
02/23/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
03/02/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
03/09/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
03/16/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
03/23/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
03/30/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
04/06/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
04/13/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
04/20/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
04/27/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
05/04/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
05/11/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
05/18/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
05/25/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
06/01/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
06/08/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
06/15/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
06/22/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
06/29/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
07/06/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
07/13/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
07/20/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
07/27/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
08/03/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
08/10/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
08/17/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM
08/24/2021Tuesday9 AM to 3 PM


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